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Nov. 9th, 2004 @ 10:21 am
Sometimes I think my fellow students must be five-year-olds, even if they don't quite look that young (I am, in fact, young for a 4th year university student. I think the 2nd year students I had psychopathology with must be my age or over, mostly).

First, there were the grades for the assignment. Those weren't published until after the exam, which had people throwing fits because they didn't want to have to learn for more than a passing grade for the exam, and if they had a good grade for the assignment, a 5 for the exam (which generally would be considered failed, but this course allows some compensation between the exam and the assignment) would be enough to pass the course. Which REALLY had me wonder about why these people think they're doing this. These are all students of clinical psychology, and psychopathology, in my mind, is pretty central to that field. You'd think people would want to have a firm grasp on the subject matter, so that they can, y'know... do their jobs once they graduate. Not so, apparently.
Also, we turned in the assignments less than two weeks ago. These were almost 300 assignments, of 3 pages each. I assume that the people running this course DO have other things to do with their time as well. Thus, I can't REALLY blame them for needing two weeks to correct and grade 900 pages of assignments. My highschool teachers got two weeks to correct and grade our tests - and those didn't get anywhere near 900 pages total.

Now, there's the answer key for the exam. The exam was yesterday morning, and ON said exam, they said that the answer key would be available online as of this morning. Yes, for a lot of subjects, they're faster than that. Here, apparently, they are not. They told us that in advance. So there REALLY isn't any reason to be throwing fits about this. Your life will NOT end because you have to wait for the answers for 24 hours. It is NOT their fault if YOU are too lazy to read the information they put right there on the exam. Get a life.

Library Nov. 8th, 2004 @ 11:07 am
who the FUCK gave Escher permission to design and build his nightmare vision of a library? This place is SURREAL. Everything is black and red, the stairs decline in varying angles, the floors don't seem to agree on how high they should be... So disturbing.

This place scares me. Seriously.

Nov. 7th, 2004 @ 10:00 pm
Everybody who's unhappy with Bush' re-election: go look at this. Might restore your faith in humanity some.

Nov. 7th, 2004 @ 07:42 pm
When I got to the kitchen to prepare dinner, one of my housemates was there, watching "Popstars: The Rivals", in which they plan on forming a boyband and a girlband, which will then battle for a record deal. Or something like that. I felt social, so I stayed downstairs for dinner and watched along.

Dear Gods!

10 girls, who were picked out of auditions which involved several hundreds, if not a thousand girls. Given that huge offer, how come that there were no more than 3 who could sing worth a damn? Most of them SUCKED. I spend most of the time cringing.

Also, I really wonder whether they don't have some coach or whatever who can tell them when a song is a BAD IDEA to pick for a performance. They just started, and they had this one girl singing "I Will Always Love You", which is fucking HARD. Another girl had "If You Had My Love", adapted in a way so there were just about NO solo parts - LOTS of backing vocals, and at the end, you'd hardly heard her sing at all. Backing vocals made me cringe badly, too - as I said, they were just starting off, and had done no work at all on harmonies apparently. It sounded awful. Also, for your first song, pick something you're good at. This one girl did "I'll Be There" by Mariah Carey. She could not do the frail, thin parts at all. There are some parts that have some more power to them, and she did fine on those... But oh, the pain when she tried to do the rest...

All in all... I can't sing worth shit. I'd love to, but I can't. But give me an hour's worth of lessons, and my own pick of songs, and I'll bet I could do good enough a job so people wouldn't be looking for earplugs all the time, which is more than some of these girls could claim. So I figure that with a good manager, a good make-up artist and a singing lesson and a half, I could be rich and famous!

Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 10:22 am
There goes my motivation to study for Monday's exam. I just took the test that came with the book. 25 questions, of which I got three wrong - one because the damned website messed up the question (answers didn't match the question at all, so I just picked a random answer), one that was about a chapter we don't have to learn for the exam here, and one that was about a chapter we'd admittedly had to read, but I really doubt they'll ask about this part of the chapter, since it's about US law.

Maybe I should just switch to studying notes from the lectures.
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» (No Subject)
So I woke up to the news this morning.

Bush is winning and the man who killed Theo van Gogh is almost certainly a fundie muslim, so enter the anti-islam riots.

Could today start any worse?
» Shock
Theo van Gogh is a Dutch columnist and movie maker, on the right of the political spectrum. He is provoking, and often offensive to many. He is highly critical of the Dutch society. Mostly, his views aren't mine by a long shot, and neither are his methods. Often, I thought he was more likely to sabotage the debate by forcing up uncontrolled emotions on both part of the debate. However, he clearly stands for something, and is willing to take the flak for it.

Theo van Gogh is dead. This morning, he got killed in Amsterdam. He was supposedly found with a letter attached to his chest with a knife. Said letter is said to contain Arabic texts.

Today, I mourn. I mourn a man who, little as a like him or agree with him, deserves some respect. I mourn a man who got killed for standing up for what he believed, no matter how wrong I may have considered his methods to be. I mourn for my country, for our apparent inability to deal with those who present unpopular opinions, and to learn from the past.

My thoughts go out to mr. van Gogh's family. May they be able to find comfort.

I wish upon the spirit of Theo van Gogh a thousand of bread, a thousand of beer, and a thousand of everything good. May he be justified. May he ascend.
» Caught by surprise by Halloween
So I go a mail yesterday around 10pm, letting me know that Saturday's soos evening is Halloween themed, and would we please all dress up? Now Halloween isn't that big here, so I hadn't counted on that at all - though in retrospect, maybe I should have.

However, I haven't been to a Halloween party in... well... I'm not actually sure I've ever been. Last time I did the costume thing was probably in primary school, for carnival. So the request for a costume left me pretty stumped as to what the hell to wear - though I suspect several people (including my bf) won't dress up at all.

However, after puzzling for a couple of hours, I've figured it out - and it won't cost me a thing. Long black skirt, over a catsuit I own with long sleeves that end in long points (which has prompted ex to tell me I looked like a witch before). Long black velvet hooded cape. Large bronze sun pendant with a  black leather center. Heavy black eye make up, red lips... I'll be a witch. I'm pondering dying my hair black for a few days and getting some black nailpolish to finish it off.

Just tried it - not in the least because I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off the eyes the way I want them - and I think it looks wonderful.
» (No Subject)
I went menstrual on my boyfriend yesterday. Totally trembling-in-my-seat-and-crying upset over what pretty much amounts to nothing. We were making plans for the weekend just now, and I think I must have scared him yesterday:

Him: "Well, I have to work Saturday morning and Sunday evening, and... "
Me: "You want some time for your study as well"
Him: "Well, no... I'm just looking what else I have to do"
Me: "You want some time for your study as well"
Him: "I have this presentation Tuesday, and I don't have time to prepare for it Friday..."
Me: "You want some time for your study as well"
Him: *sounds VERY relieved* "Well... yes"
» For all guitar players
Don't put the guitar pick between your teeth when you don't need it for a sec.

My bf plays the guitar, and was working on recording a song, so he put the guitar in his lap and the pick beween his teeth while doing something on the keyboard. Some saliva went down wrong, he coughed... and swallowed the pick, which got stuck somewhere halfway down on the way to his stomach.

He ended up spending Saturday in the hospital getting it removed, which involved such fun things as X-rays, full anaesthesia, and getting stuff shoved down his throat. He quite scared everyone, even though it wasn't really all that dangerous. I don't want to thing about the option of this getting stuck in his windpipe.

There's a lesson to be learned from this... But I'm not so sure bf learned it. In bed that night, he was telling me that, all in all, it had been a pretty good day - after all, the hospital had been more uncomfortable than dangerous or painful or nasty, he'd gotten to play around with his new recording equipment, and got to spend a quiet evening with me instead of working from 1 to 10pm (he'd've gone in for the late shift - 5-10pm - but he wasn't allowed to because of the anaesthesia). He's probably the only person I know who'd refer to a day mostly spend in the ER and having emergency surgery as "a pretty good day".
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