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Previous Entry Caught by surprise by Halloween Oct. 29th, 2004 @ 03:19 pm Next Entry
So I go a mail yesterday around 10pm, letting me know that Saturday's soos evening is Halloween themed, and would we please all dress up? Now Halloween isn't that big here, so I hadn't counted on that at all - though in retrospect, maybe I should have.

However, I haven't been to a Halloween party in... well... I'm not actually sure I've ever been. Last time I did the costume thing was probably in primary school, for carnival. So the request for a costume left me pretty stumped as to what the hell to wear - though I suspect several people (including my bf) won't dress up at all.

However, after puzzling for a couple of hours, I've figured it out - and it won't cost me a thing. Long black skirt, over a catsuit I own with long sleeves that end in long points (which has prompted ex to tell me I looked like a witch before). Long black velvet hooded cape. Large bronze sun pendant with a  black leather center. Heavy black eye make up, red lips... I'll be a witch. I'm pondering dying my hair black for a few days and getting some black nailpolish to finish it off.

Just tried it - not in the least because I wasn't sure I'd be able to pull off the eyes the way I want them - and I think it looks wonderful.
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