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When I got to the kitchen to prepare dinner, one of my housemates was… - Stars from the nightsky

About When I got to the kitchen to prepare dinner, one of my housemates was…

Previous Entry Nov. 7th, 2004 @ 07:42 pm Next Entry
When I got to the kitchen to prepare dinner, one of my housemates was there, watching "Popstars: The Rivals", in which they plan on forming a boyband and a girlband, which will then battle for a record deal. Or something like that. I felt social, so I stayed downstairs for dinner and watched along.

Dear Gods!

10 girls, who were picked out of auditions which involved several hundreds, if not a thousand girls. Given that huge offer, how come that there were no more than 3 who could sing worth a damn? Most of them SUCKED. I spend most of the time cringing.

Also, I really wonder whether they don't have some coach or whatever who can tell them when a song is a BAD IDEA to pick for a performance. They just started, and they had this one girl singing "I Will Always Love You", which is fucking HARD. Another girl had "If You Had My Love", adapted in a way so there were just about NO solo parts - LOTS of backing vocals, and at the end, you'd hardly heard her sing at all. Backing vocals made me cringe badly, too - as I said, they were just starting off, and had done no work at all on harmonies apparently. It sounded awful. Also, for your first song, pick something you're good at. This one girl did "I'll Be There" by Mariah Carey. She could not do the frail, thin parts at all. There are some parts that have some more power to them, and she did fine on those... But oh, the pain when she tried to do the rest...

All in all... I can't sing worth shit. I'd love to, but I can't. But give me an hour's worth of lessons, and my own pick of songs, and I'll bet I could do good enough a job so people wouldn't be looking for earplugs all the time, which is more than some of these girls could claim. So I figure that with a good manager, a good make-up artist and a singing lesson and a half, I could be rich and famous!
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