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And people think Belgians are stupid... Oct. 20th, 2004 @ 02:05 pm
A German went to a market in the Netherlands yesterday, and apparently found a pony he rather liked. I guess what with Christmas being close enough for people to start thinking about gifts, the man got sick of his daughter begging him for a pony.

So he stole he pony.

And transported it in a Volkswagen Polo.

Bet he was surprised when the police stopped him, too.

Oct. 20th, 2004 @ 10:35 am
It's a good thing Douglas Adams is dead (sad a his early death was, 'cause the man was pure genius) for otherwise, I would have had to marry him, which:
  • Would likely have pissed off his wife and daughter
  • Would have involved putting bf in the extramarital affair category, which in turn would've pissed bf off, since he insists on things like monogamy and being faithful
  • Would have started unfortunate rumours about how such a young woman as myself would only marry a man his age for the money, when really - I'm just after more Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy

For those interested in mental health care Oct. 14th, 2004 @ 07:01 pm

Both of these are written by people working with children with emotional and behavioral problems - the first works in a special ed class, which involves problems with retardation and such as well as pure behavioral issues, the second works in a group home with teenage boys with severe behavioral problems, but no retardation or biologically based disorders.

Yes, it is at times rude. Yes, it may poke fun at people in a sucky situation. However, it also shows the reality of this kind of work, and the horrifying situations  these people are faced with day to day. The second one is all the more horrifying when you realize that these children are the way they are mostly because of the way others treated them.

Maybe these are things that shouldn't be made out to be something to laugh about. But by the Gods - how are people to deal with this if they can't laugh about it every so often?

No fair! Sep. 24th, 2004 @ 12:12 pm
So I got my license WEdnesday, and went to pick up the car at my parents' today (parents are on vacation, so I could take it with me, no problem). So I went for my first ride alone, feeling all cool. Turned up the radio, hit the gas when I got on the highway... For about 4 or 5 km. The rest of the way was traffic jam. No. Fair.

I'm surprised at how confident I felt though - I'd expected to be more nervous - and proud that I managed to only have the engine stop on me twice - once in the traffic jam, once in front of the house, when I realized I was on a bump too late - in spite of the switch from diesel to gas.

Sep. 22nd, 2004 @ 02:52 pm

This is NOT worksafe.
Other entries
» Ewww...
So the top layer of skin is coming off the burn on my arm. As in: bits get rinsed off when I take a shower.

I know that this is supposed to happen - the dead skin has to go off and make place for the healthy skin. The skin that's coming out now seems to be healthy, though it's still a good bit darker than it's supposed to be - it still looks somewhat burned. Apparently the couple of seconds between dropping the custard and rinsing it off were enough for it to burn in quite nicely. However - it's good that the skin comes off. It means it's healing.

It still freaks me out though. I mean... my skin rinses off in the shower!
» *beams*
Just got a mail about a boy I tested and sent in a report about to my boss. I ended up sending it without double-checking thoroughly, because this boy is damned complicated, and after writing a 5 page report about him, my mind was too numb to do much of anything sensible with the report anymore. I've a bunch of observations, some conclusions, a lot of problems, several test results... And frankly, no CLUE as to what is actually going on here. My mind was like the retarded dog my parents once head, who would just walk circles around the outside stairs. I HAD to send it in that day (report to the parents was due soon after), so I just sent it in imperfectly, with an offer to work out kinks later.

So boss-lady just mailed me. "I don't get it either. Sent him on to a neurologist to see whether he can make sense out of it. You did a wonderful job on the report. Sent it on as is, along with mine."

I am SO proud of myself. This boy is complicated as all hell, and I did a good job testing him!
» Yay!
My hand is free! The bandage now only reaches from my wrist to about 3 inches from my elbow. There's a little blistering on my arm, it seems, but all in all - it looks pretty good. I should be able to just put some gauze over the wound as of Thursday, rather than a full bandage around my arm.
» "Professional" ponderings
Mom and I looked through the new WISC (probably the most used intelligence test in most Western countries) yesterday, since mom had to use it today. I'm not too thrilled about it. There are several things that I consider real errors.

They've questions like "Why is freedom of speech important?" to which they want the answer "1) because everyone has the right to speak their mind and 2) so everyone can participate in the political process". The first I think gives a pretty decent definition of freedom of speech, but doesn't say why it's important. The second one - well, everyone could participate without freedom of speech. It might be pointless, since you'd only be allowed to agree with the main party... But you could participate.

The new picture ordening set is awful, imho. They took out several to make the whole thing more PC, which I don't like much (I understand... I just don't like it), and there are a couple that plain don't make sense.They took out most of the social stuff.  And then there's the last one... There's 6 images - a sunset, a sunrise, and a couple that show the same house shown in those first two with shadows moving. Obviously, the idea is to put them into order from sunrise to sunset. Thing is... For the northern hemisphere, the shadows move the wrong way around. The colors for sunset and sunrise show in the same spot in the sky. The shadows have funky differences in angle within one picture. All in all - there are enough mistakes for there to be plenty of perfectly valid reasons for a kid to get it wrong other than not being "smart" enough.

The whole test became a lot more... beta-based, as we'd say here. There's a LOT more exact science. A kid who simply isn't talented in that area will come out looking pretty stupid.

Also, adding a performal test but not a verbal test, to me, seems to upset the balance between the two.

There's more, but it won't come to mind right now.
» (No Subject)
So yesterday was my birthday. It started off wonderful - as per my request, we had breakfast with the family, and I got my gifts from my youngest brother and parents. After that, I had a shower and we started preparing stuff. I'd made quark pie the evening before already and after running errands, I started the cherry pie I'd wanted to make.

Cherry pie the way I wanted to make it ("vlaai" for those familiar with the term. A traditional Belgian kind of pie) involves custard. Which meant I had to, you know, make custard. From scratch. It's something I've done once before, a long time ago, so when it turned out right, I wanted to show it off to my mom. So I pick of the pan of boiling hot custard (see where this is headed?) walk into the living room... And drop it, after which I instinctively try to catch it, thus getting a rather large amount of HOT custard on my right arm and hand. It took me no more than a couple of seconds to get my arm under the cold water tap, which my brother had been so kind as to open for me as soon as he saw what happened. Insert panic on mom's part, the solution to which is calling my dad to do something.

Of course I couldn't finish the pie now. It was unlikely I would be able to do so later. The dough was rising, and there would be visitors coming in a couple of hours, who'd want pie. So about 10 minutes after burning myself, I was standing in the kitchen, arm under the running, cold water, guiding my dad through the process of making fresh custard, and making sure he'd finish the pie properly.

All in all, an hour later I was at the doctor's, having my hand and arm bandaged up, with lots of special cream, while dad was finishing my pie.

The day was otherwise cool, though I was highly annoyed that I wasn't able to do things myself (while I now have my fingers free, since they didn't get burned badly, and seem to be fine now, I originally had my entire hand bandaged up, making pretty much ANYTHING impossible to do with my right hand/arm. And seeing as I'm totally right-handed...). Dinner, which I had to delegate to my parents (which meant they got to prepare a meal they had NO clue how to prepare), turned out lovely, I had a bunch of wonderful people around, and had an all-around enjoyable day.
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